Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time regained - post III

There are echoes of earlier revelations with Jupien and Charlus popping up again but this time it is even seedier

Bullet points from pages 800 - 850

* Marcel bumps into Charlus who witters on about all sorts of things but reveals that he is sympathetic towards the Germans and hints that he half wants them to win

* He discovers that Charlus is even more homosexual, without knowing it is obvious, staring after men in uniform and talking about the lack of good looking waiters left around because most have died in the war

* This evening's reading ends with Marcel checking in briefly to a hotel, one of the last ones that has remained open, to discover Jupien helping Charlus to get his sexual kicks by being chained up and abused by young men who have more than a passing resemblance to Morel

More tomorrow...

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