Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Odyssey - post II

You have to wait for Odysseus to get off his island to start to get to parts of the story that are echoed in Ulysses

Bullet points from chapters five through to the end of eight

Athena appeals to Zeus to protect Telemakhos from the suirours and Zeus says that Odysseus will have to leave the island alone on a raft for 20 days

Zeus sends Hermes to get the plan rolling and deal with Kalypso who is smitten with Odysseus and not that keen on letting him go but she helps him leave as it is the God's will and he sets off. But the God of hurricanes sees him and blows him about until his boat sinks and he has to swim to shore

He is washed up on the shore of the land run by the Phalakians and he meets the princess and is taken back to the palace to wait to meet the king

He meets Akinoss the King who says that really after helping him he should marry his daughter but if he wants to leave he will provide him with a ship and crew and safe passage home

This is the first part that reminds you of Joyce or visa versa of course as the crew of the ship are listed and all have sea related names a bit like the tree names in the wedding in Ulysses

As the crew prepares to leave Odysseus comes under pressure to tell everyone who he is

More tomorrow and of Ulysses

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