Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Ghost-seer lunch post III

Highlights from the rest of book one

* In their quest to find out about the Armenian the sorcerer tells them a story about how a family had lost a son and wanted to know for sure if he was dead to arrange a marriage between his fiancé and the brother of the disappeared man

* The sorcerer sets up an elaborate apparition that convinces the family but as it gets to the wedding day the Armenian appears and asks the family to drink to the dead brothers health

* As the brother who survived him lifts his glass and toasts him an apparition of the dead man appears and the murdering brother is revealed

* The Prince leaves angered by the exchange believing it to be very unsatisfactory but his friends keep asking him about the second apparition of his old friends at the séance they enjoyed the evening before

* The Prince is determined to disprove that ghosts are involved and so starts to work out rational reasons for all that has happened but book one ends with the narrator warning that it was precisely this trap that was being laid for him and it sets up tomorrows reading to find out what goes wrong…

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