Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Fugitive - post IV

For a moment it looked like the end of the volume was in sight but the reading slipped back and so this is all the was managed today

Bullet points between pages 610 -663

* Marcel continues to seek information to complete his picture of Albertine’s hidden life and André steps forward to supply hurtful information that links Albertine to Morel, brothels and numerous laundry girls

* He seems to get to a point where it wears himself down with the truth and manages to move on and even as he finds out that Albertine left him because her family wanted her to get married to someone else it no longer seems to matter as much

* For a change of scene he goes to Venice with his mother and is enjoying the sites, which also includes bumping in to some old favourites including M. de Norpois the diplomat who continues to take an interest in European politics

* Then Marcel receives a telegram from Albertine saying that she isn’t dead and that she wants to talk to him about marriage

I have to say I had a feeling she hadn’t died and it was a trick to get him off her back because it seemed strange there was no mention of a funeral plus bearing in mind he still spied on her past after she was meant to have died you can only imagine what he would have done had she been alive

* In reaction to the telegram he decides to act as if he never received it and realises that he has completely stopped loving Albertine based on the fact he feels no joy at her sudden return to life in fact he is quite annoyed

Tomorrow will bring the end of Vol VI so we wait and see how it develops…

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