Saturday, November 18, 2006

Classic choices

Odd bits and pieces in the papers today - including a piece in The Independent about a six year old author and something in The Guardian about the sale of Blackwell Publishing - but what was interesting was the choice of recommended reads in The Time Christmas Books special, which in the classics section listed Plato’s Republic and some collections of historical writing about Britain and its Kings and Queens. I’m a bit surprised that there was not more of a presence of the redesigned Penguin books that made such an impression in the papers back in the summer.

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Brandon said...

Thanks for sharing the Christmas books special. I love Plato, particularly the "Symposium."

The holidays always make me want to pick up Austen or Dickens; I guess the atmosphere of a lot of Victorian novels makes me think of Christmas. I've never read "A Christmas Carol" (bad Brandon!), but I intend to get around to as the holidays get closer.