Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dreams of My Russian Summers - post II

I am afraid I have been off work sick today and as a result have had a splitting headache most of the day and not felt like reading as a result I have managed very few pages but here are the highlights.

Bullet points between pages 87 - 120

* The story follows Charlotte's experiences through the Second World War with some moments of fear, courage and luck as her and her husband both survive

* However the husband, who has ben declared dead by the authorities twice, returns at the end of the war and lasts barely a year and dies of his wounds

* Curious to know more about the enchanted France of the past, ot Atlantis as Makine calls it, he reads up on French history with the result that when he visits his grandmother next summer he knows a great deal and the innocence of before has gone

much more tomorrow..

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