Friday, October 27, 2006

The Death of Ivan Ilyich - holiday post III

This might not be the best book to give to someone who is facing the end of their days but for the rest of us it does provide some serious food for thought

Highlights from chapters 7 - 12

* As the months go by Ivan weakens and becomes a sorry figure looking for sympathy and only able to find it from a peasant who hold up his legs fo him to ease the pain at night

* Nothing the doctors say brings any relief and he hates his wife more than ever

* But he starts a dialogue with his soul and comes to the conclusion that he is being punished for leading a bad life an no matter how much he tells himself otherwise he believes this can be the only answer for what is happening to him

* He gets to the point where he loses hope and accepts the judgement and after three days sacreaming with a brief repsite towards the end when he sees his son and wife he dies knowing that he in someway deserved it for the way he lead his life

Will post a full review on Saturday

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ah, the memories...