Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cities of the Plain - post III

A more solid reading day today and I am possibly getting ambitious but planning to start reading in my lunch hour something short to cover that time and might start posting those results tomorrow.

Bullet points between pages 731  - 809

* Swann explains to Marcel that what the Duke had to tell him was in fact the opposite to what the gossips thought and that he now agreed with Swann about the innocence of Dreyfus and so did his wife the Princess de Guermantes

* He then leaves to head back for his meeting with Albertine and turns down invitations for dinner with the Princess and to go to a ball with the Duchess just to have a little bit of physical comfort

* Albertine fails to turn up and finally rings on the telephone and Marcel is a truculent as a child and demands that although she doesn’t particularly want to she must visit him straight away. He then sends a letter to Gilberte Swann, the girl he used to love, Because he had promised her father that he would do

* The action then moves to Balbec, where he is all primed up for quite an enjoyable holiday but once back in the rooms he stayed in with his grandmother he starts to feel grief and once his mother arrives they mope around the place remembering the grandmother

* He experiences some vivid dreams where his grandmother although dead is physically at anaddresss where he could go an visit her but the mourning that came on him slowly is cleared quickly

More tomorrow...

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