Friday, October 13, 2006

Chronicle of a Death Foretold - lunch post V

The final chapter completes the story in a way that you sort of saw coming but didn’t expect to be executed quite as well as it is.

Bullet points from chapter five

* Having dealt with the victim, the murderers, the bride and the autopsy the final chapter deals with the town as a whole and the collective guilt they all feel over the crime and their responses to it

* The narrator, who has set out to dig over the past presents the results of his findings which include a detailed description of the murder and a one-by-one catalogue of responses to the crime

* Most people had the chance to warn the victim but even when he was warned no one went to his aid and the final irony is that it was his own mother who locked him out and allowed him to be carved up on the doorstep of his own home

I will post a full review tomorrow…

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