Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chronicle of a Death Foretold - lunch post IV

As today is a press day on the magazine I work for lunch break has been squeezed so I have not been able to finish chapter four but till complete the posting tonight

Bullet points from chapter four

* The story moves on to focus on what happens after the murder and the autopsy, which is a disaster because no one knows what they are doing and in the end they have to bury the body in a hurry because it is decaying so quickly

* Back in prison the murderers are suffering from sleepless nights, fears of revenge attacks and illness that leads one of the twins to conclude that he is being poisoned

* The other victim of the soiled bride is of course the groom and he is found in the dream house he bought almost dead through alcholol poisoning and he is finally dragged off by his family leaving everything behind

* The narrator puts the story in a context revealing that he has gone back to interview the main witnesses 23 years later in an attempt to get more details about the murder and the events surrounding it

* Angela Vicario, the rejected bride writes to her five-hour husband for 17 years and finally he walks through the door with one suitcase full of clothes and another containing 2,000 letters and says that he has come back

It will be interesting to see how it all gets tied up in the last chapter over lunch tomorrow...

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