Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Captive - Post IV

The predicted problems of Charlus - an inevitable run in with someone over his sexuality - seems to be on the brink of happening as he brings down the wrath of Madame de Verdurin. All should become clear in tomorrow’s reading but for now here is the build up to the confrontation

Bullet points between pages 212 – 284

* There are real parallels between the pain that Marcel feels over his jealousy around Albertine and the jealously Charlus feels for the violinist Morel

* You start to appreciate how much they have in common when they meet and talk at a party being thrown by Charlus at the Verdurin's house

* An audience of quality people comes to the house to see Morel and the other musicians play but at both the beginning and end of the evening M. de Charlus makes a huge mistake in not thanking the hostess and if anything attacking her

* In response Madame de Verdurin asks her husband to speak to Morel to get him to choose between her company or the Baron’s and then starts spreading lies about Charlus having been in prison

It should get all rather interesting tomorrow in the battle of the society hostesses…

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