Friday, September 29, 2006

A visual temptation

Following the launch of Sony’s Reader device to handle e-books it has to be said that it looks good (judging by pictures on the web). Of course there are still lots of buts that you might discover while using it but the web site for the product seems to be sleek and the product looks like it would work well in certain situations (picture from Sony web site). If there is a flaw then it is around the issue of where the Reader is going to be used. I can see it working very well on holiday, where packing one device rather than a couple of heavy paperbacks appeals. But on the train I would feel uncomfortable having to use a device that you have to look at, which means the muggers can see it as well. One of the attractions of the iPod is that it is hidden in a pocket and you can not do that with the Sony Reader without defeating the aim of the product.

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