Monday, September 25, 2006

Stockings full of dross

If things have gone according to plan then Santa usually brings an armful of books with him down the chimney when he visits this home for Christmas. But I just hope his book buying elves have got taste because with a reported 60 celebrity memoirs on the shelves this yuletide according to both The Independent and The Times fighting it out for attention it might be difficult to avoid one of them ending up in the stocking.
The worst possible scenario is that waiting for me under the tree will be the life story of a 20 something nobody that won a reality show/played football/slept with another star/went topless and wants to explain why they are not shallow/or the old crusty luvvie looking back over 40 years of anecdotes very few people have any interest in.
Roll on Boxing Day and buying your own selections in the sales…

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