Thursday, September 21, 2006

Roll up and read all about it

A few years ago there was a great many predictions made about e-books and how we would all one day be downloading books electronically onto a portable screen and dumping the traditional paperback.
Not surprisingly, like an awful lot of things in the computing world the hype ran away with itself and the reality was that there really was no technology people would feel comfortable with. But things might be about to evolve again after the boffins at Cambridge University came up with a roll-up laptop screen. All the details can be found on the BBC’s site. Although the emphasis is on using the technology for laptops it will not be too long before someone cottons on to using it as a screen to support an MP3 type device that can store books. If I was a technical person I might just have come up with something worth marketing but until someone else gets it right I’ll carry on with the traditional old paperbacks.

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