Thursday, September 28, 2006

reading homework

My wife attended a session at my son's primary school yesterday on how to read with your children. Sadly I was work otherwise I would have been interested to have gone to have heard what was said. She reported back and apart from some of the usual stuff you would expect about reading often and not worrying too much about whether the words are right as long as it seems to make sense (maybe my son should try Proust?) there were a couple of things that stood out for me.
Firstly was that it is good for children to see their parents reading. I do all of personal reading alone on the train and so it jolted me a bit to maybe get the books out when he is around.
Secondly, if children's books are left strewn all over the place (has this teacher been to my house?) then they will not grow up to respect books.
My homework is to tidy up the children's books then sit down and read some Proust in front of the kids...could think of worst ways to spend the weekend.

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