Sunday, August 27, 2006

Books the Googlefight victor

It’s all harmless fun, and saw something about it on the travolution blog, which is run by a great bloke called Kevin May, but if you fancy seeing how popular your favourite author is, according to the number of search results on Google, then you can go to Googlefight and put it to the test. In a few contests Shakespeare emerges as a real heavyweight brushing aside Dickens easily and based on our recent reading Camus easily beats Sartre.

One positive for those of us who are booklovers is the strength books shows against its entertainment challengers.

In a fight of books versus films the score was a whopping 2.9 billion to 1.4bn and books came out stronger against video games and TV.

Visit the site to set your own author fights.

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Travolution blogger said...

thanks for the plug.

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