Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bookmark of the week

I noticed on a recent holiday to Chicago that bookmarks were absent from tourist attractions and mainly on sale in book shops like Borders and Barnes and Noble. In the UK bookmarks are usually a standard item in any tourist gift shop and once a week I will share one of my collection.

My passion for books has spilled over into bookmarks and what is even sadder is that the choice of bookmark can reflect a mood and how I feel about the book (maybe this is a public invitation for therapy). I use two bookmarks at a time, one from where I started reading in the morning and the other to where I have got up to whenever I have to change trains or stop and go to work. My sons think I'm a bit odd and maybe I am but it works for me.

Anyway here we go with the first one from the bookmark collection.

This has a picture of a school of fish on and was purchased at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich in London. It has a logo on it that says "Planet Ocean". I live near Greenwich and go to the museum quite regularly. This bookmark, which is made of plastic rather than leather, makes me remember the museum and my children having fun looking at the boats. Because of the picture and brightness makes the prospect of reading a mammoth tome about naval history that little bit easier.

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Anonymous said...

I think your idea of bookmarks is brilliant and is a great unusual way of storing memories. I look forward to reading more.